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Noisy jobs with exposure to industrial noises such as --
Heavy Equipment; Road & Maintenance Equipment; Mill Equipment; Shop Equipment; Plant Equipment; Construction Equipment;
-- can cause irreparable hearing loss.

A program exists for all qualified individuals to receive compensation/benefits for their noise induced hearing loss.

Federal Certified Hearing Center Inc. will help you through the claims process in exchange for the opportunity to provide you with your hearing aids - at no cost to you.

It is a 3 step process -

1.    Call and schedule a free hearing test.

2.    File industrial or private insurance claim paperwork -
       Federal Certified Hearing Center will walk you thru
       each form.

3.    Be fitted with your authorized hearing aids, upon
       approval of insurance claim.

While we specialize in noise induced hearing loss we are dedicated to helping every individual get back that special gift of hearing, whether your hearing loss is from noisy jobs, loud lawnmowers, or even crying babies.

Call us and schedule your free hearing test today.

Federal Certified Hearing Center is a family owned business committed to merging traditional values with today's technology.

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